Why Bloggers Need Pinterest + My 13 Best Tips

Do you wish more people would read, see, and benefit from your blog? Think of three things you are doing to make that happen. Okay, is Pinterest on your list? No…well it should be. Let me tell you why.

Why Professional Organizing Bloggers Need Pinterest + My 13 Best Tips | www.smarthappyorganized.com

I know many people still think of Pinterest as an online bulletin board where you pin things you want to see, make, or do. Maybe you don’t pay enough attention to your Pinterest account to know there are some amazing business tools Pinterest offers for websites and blogs. That’s okay, we can change that today.

Without getting too lengthy and techy I’m going to tell you why Pinterest is a must for bloggers and give you my 13 favorite tips I have learned so far.

If you have a Pinterest account you know you follow people and their boards and they follow you and your boards. The more followers you have the more clicks and repins your pin (that you pinned from your blog) will potentially receive. The more pins you have from your blog means more people clicking through to your blog which means more blog traffic and possibly more sales if you have products. Many people get 50% or more traffic to their blog from Pinterest. How awesome would that be?

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Here are my top 13 tips you can use right now to take your Pinterest account to the next level to help grow your blog traffic and business!

  1. Make sure you have a board specifically for your blog. You can post pins from your blog in other places too, but make sure to post them on this board.
  2. Place your blog specific board first. Then you can either place your most popular boards next or the boards you want to focus on growing next.
  3. Delete any pins on the wrong board. Also, delete any pins with no repins. I check mine once a week and delete the pins that don’t have repins.
  4. Separate boards when they get too big. You can always be more specific.
  5. Don’t use “cute” board names, instead make sure the board names contain keywords to describe the board. Always make sure your boards have strong descriptions with related keywords. Delete boards that are not getting any traction. (you may lost a few followers if that’s the only board some people were following but that’s okay.)
  6. Join and create group boards. If instructions aren’t provided on how to join a group board you are interested in you can message the creator and ask how to join.
  7. Use high quality images and make sure some are vertical. Use the alt text and title area of your images to put the title of your blog post or keywords in.
  8. As a general rule you can repin the same pin from your blogs once a week. It’s good to put content out there several times.
  9. Comment and Like other people’s pins more. I use the like button as a way to mark the pins I’m interested in pinning. Then when I have time or time is scheduled I will go and pin the pins I’ve liked.
  10. Only pin 10-25 pins per day. Less is more on Pinterest. Only pin the really good things you want to share with your audience. Don’t pin fluff and make sure you check the pins links.
  11. Schedule your pinning. Use a tool such as Board Booster.
  12. Check your analytics, know your most popular pins and boards. This helps you know what your audience is currently into so you can develop content accordingly.
  13. Create a Pinterest Widget to display on your sidebar. I prefer the Board widget, square shaped. However, they have different options to choose from.  BONUS: Get Rich Pins for Business


For all of you who enjoy blogging and hope to grow your blog, take the time to check off the items on the list and schedule in some Pinterest time.

I would love if you would come and follow me on Pinterest!

Happy pinning and happy organizing!


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  1. I love your suggestion about deleting fluff. One of my pet peeves is visiting an “organizing” blog that has more crafts and cooking tips than organizing info. Same for Pinterest and Facebook pages.

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