Why You Should Learn to SELL Like Your Kid

Today is day one of no TV or electronics in the morning or after school for our eight year old son, Sam.

The first thing out of his mouth when I tell him to sit at the table for breakfast is, “Can I turn the TV on and watch Curious George?” (he’s knows this is a benign TV show that I used to say yes to).

I say, “No, today we are starting the no TV in the morning rule.”

He says, “Can we just turn on the news?” I say no.

He says, “Don’t you need to check the weather?” I say I can do it on my phone.

He sees my phone and says, “Can I play on your phone?” I say no. I say you need to let it go (calling on my inner Meghan Trainor here).

Basically, in the span of two minutes my son tried four different tactics to get me to do what he wanted. He didn’t succeed but he didn’t give up, he just kept coming and he didn’t get emotional.

These are great rules for selling right?

Don’t give up

Ask multiple times in different ways

Don’t get emotional when you hear no

This was just a small exchange. Let’s go a bit bigger shall we?

When our son wants more time on his Wii video game he will try the negotiating, using the If/Then tactic.

If you let me have more time on the game then I promise I will clean my room before bed.

If you let me have more time on the game then I will practice the piano extra tonight.

These are great tactics for writing a sales offer.

If you take my course then you will learn….

If you buy my service then you will receive….

Another great way my son tries to get what he wants is by telling a great story!

He will go into great detail about his game of football at recess and how fun it was, how fast he ran, and how great he did, keeping me interested in the story until the end when he says, “You know I could be even better with a new football.” By that time I’m thinking wow, maybe he should have a new football.

Kids are little salespeople from the get go. They have no fear, they are like little machines that keep going until they get what they want.

Think of what kind of salesperson you could be for your business if you had the same mental fortitude and go for it! 


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