Keto Changing Your Life: Part One

Recently, I jogged for the first time in three years. I know jogging isn’t the cool word but I was definitely not running. Maybe more. I’m starting the Couch to 10K program to train for a 10K in September. Those are words I thought would never come out of my mouth…ever! So how did I go from being 205 pounds (55 pounds overweight), no energy, fatigue, inflamed and really feeling terrible to feeling like I can actually run a 10K? Let me tell you, it was the keto diet.

Keto diet, ketosis, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, low carb
Me at my heaviest 205.5 lbs.

The Reality

Honestly, we should start with how I let myself get so far out of whack to start with. It’s pretty simple and many of us struggle with it. I put my self-care last. I didn’t care about taking care of me. I actually had plenty of time I just didn’t have the want to. My work was sedentary, and my nutrition was poor. Over time that equals all of the bad things, I mentioned above.

I felt bad that I couldn’t keep up with my nine-year-old while playing tag or riding around the neighborhood. I went on family vacations and ski trips where everyone had way more energy than me and was in way better shape. Including my in-laws who are 60+ and 70+ years old. So what did I do, I had a beer and pretended like I didn’t care. I did, but I didn’t know where to even begin fixing the problem. I had a bad habit of starting an exercise program and then getting hurt and stopping. Plus, at 43 you realize it’s only 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Eating properly has been a struggle my whole life. I’m a pretty “picky eater” so basically all diet programs just don’t work for me because I can’t or won’t do the meal plans.

Finally, my health was taking such a toll on my family and me by way of my lack of patience, frustration, and constant complaining about pain, I knew I had to do something. I had been hearing about a medical weight loss facility in our small town and some of my friends were reporting amazing results. I looked them up online to see what services they provided and I likes that they had doctors, physical therapists, and a chiropractor on staff. I figured I might need all of that. I had no idea what kind of food program I would be on but I was finally willing to try anything.

So how did I go from being 205 pounds (55 pounds overweight), no energy, fatigue, inflamed and really feeling terrible to feeling like I can actually run a 10K? Let me tell you, it was the keto diet. Keto diet, ketosis, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, low carb

The Keto Diet Plan

Once I decided in my mind this is what I wanted to do I felt relieved I finally had a plan. I had to discuss it with David because I knew this wasn’t going to be cheap. In fact, it was way out of our budget. But I asked myself how much was it worth to be fit and healthy again, and out of pain. I went ahead and committed to this new program for six months.

First I had my lab work and some genetic testing done. I’ll go into this more in another post. The results were a direct correlation to why I was feeling so bad. My body wasn’t working properly due to all of the bad food I was ingesting. Based on these results they recommended a supplement regimen to get my numbers in a good rage. This included capsules, liquid, and even some injections. I also immediately started a strict keto diet. This version isn’t the same for everyone because it was based on my labs. For example, I started with a high protein, moderate fat version because I needed to lower the level of saturated fat in my body. This also works well for me because I don’t have my gallbladder anymore.

Here We Go Keto

After the first seven days, I had keto flu during the detox phase when I was getting all of the bad stuff out of my system. Due to the awesome supplements, it wasn’t really bad and only lasted about 36 hours. I lost seven pounds in the first week. I’m sure a lot of that was also water weight as I was drinking 100oz of water a day. The second week I lost another five pounds and my energy level rose to a place it hadn’t been in years. My headaches went away, my back aches went away and I honestly couldn’t believe how well this program was working. It’s also really motivating to lose 12 pounds in two weeks, water weight or not!

One of the keys to getting going is tracking all of your food in My Fitness Pal. You can actually upgrade the app to better help you track your macros (protein, fat, and carbs). I set my macro goals and the app tells me after every meal how close I am to reaching my goals. Takes the guesswork out or eating.

Since I’m on such a strict keto diet and I am a picky eater I really eat the same things over and over a lot. It doesn’t bother me because I’m not a foodie, but I can see how if you love food and flavors you would need some good keto recipes to keep you going. Pinterest comes in very handy for that. I have a regular Keto Friendly board and a Dairy Free Keto Board.

We’ve probably saved about $150-$200 a month due to not eating out. My husband isn’t doing keto but he has really grown fond of the low carb life due to the way it makes him feel. He’s also dropped about 10 pounds.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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