Frozen Food Storage: Recommended Times

I love any piece of information that can tell me how long I can store my food for. If I didn’t have this information handy my husband would eat anything in the fridge even if it’s been in their 10 days. He’s either very brave or has an iron stomach. I’m not sure which! Here is a great info graphic showing you recommended frozen food storage times. It also tells you what not to freeze. You may want to print this and keep it pinned up near the fridge for hubby’s sake!

Frozen Food Storage Times

Frozen Food Storage Storage: Recommended Times |

I actually recently found out you are not supposed to eat leftovers from the fridge after three days. REALLY! I know that seems a little wasteful and some will say just do the smell test but remember you can’t always smell all of that funky little bacteria.

Just be careful and label the dishes or baggies of food with the date you put them in the fridge. That way when your hubby’s tries to argue with you saying it’s only been a few days and it’s been 10 you have proof this time!

Happy Freezing!




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