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Please let me introduce myself and let’s make sure this is the right space for you!

I’m Autumn Leopold and since 2013 I’ve been helping people get their life in order one way or another. I’m a former professional organizer/blogger turned entrepreneur and empowerment coach.

On Entrepreneur Coaching:

As a former USAF Veteran, professional organizer, and professional blogger I’m uniquely qualified to help women gain confidence and self esteem as a woman entrepreneur. My mission is to help women align their passion and their God given gifts and talents to be able to live and fulfill their purpose! My clients really helped push me in the direction of small business coaching because they’ve watched my business grow and want to learn from my successes and lessons learned. I’m constantly learning more ways to be a creative and effective small business coach. I love working through problems, finding solutions, and motivating my entrepreneur clients.

Passion1What I Believe

I believe in helping women align their passion and their gifts to live their purpose!

I believe Mompreneurs have the hardest job! I even have a friend who works full time in the USAF Reserves, Commands a Squadron, is an entrepreneur who developed her own health food bar, AND is married with two children!

I believe too often women don’t have the courage, self confidence, and mindset they need to go after their dreams later in life. I’m here to change that.

I believe every woman has experience, wisdom and a gut instinct which are necessary, valuable and irreplaceable.

Who I Can Help Most and Who I Can’t

I love coaching and empowering women entrepreneurs!

I have a special space for female entrepreneurs who are moms, military veterans, or both! So if you are one or both please hit reply and let me know!

I love entrepreneurs who know what they want but just aren’t sure how to get there in their lives and business.

Self esteem, confidence, accountability are my specialties as well as marketing, social media and blogging!

I get awesome results for:

People willing to step up and commit to the time, effort, energy, and investment to get where you want to be in your life and business.

People who want to turn their calling/purpose into a part-time or full time business.

People who want to learn how to make money and market their services or products online.

People who want to make money and make a difference.

If you are not at least one or more of the above I can’t help you. 

My Family

My name is Autumn Olivia (Colbert) Leopold

I married my husband in Las Vegas, in 1999. Yes, we had a real wedding, yes our parents were there, and no Elvis was not the preacher.

We have an eight year old son named Samuel David. He is in second grade. He is amazing!

We have one cat and one dog who bring us joy and messes!



Serving my country:

I am a veteran from the United States Air Force (as is my husband). I was an Air Traffic Technician- aircrew on the E3 Airborne Warning Command and Control System aircraft (AWACS). Translation: while flying in the sky I found the bad guys flying around using radar.

My husband is a USAF veteran and a USAFA Graduate. He is now a Traffic Management Officer for the FAA at Denver International Aorport. Yes, this family loves aviation!

We love the Denver Broncos! We love living by the Rocky Mountains where we enjoy swimming, skiing, hiking and biking, and backyard BBQ’s.

23 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. People often call me April, Amber, August, or Dawn and I usually respond.
2. I was born in 1975 in Lawton, Oklahoma.
3. I was in the USAF stationed at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City.
4. My house in Moore, OK was in the path of the May 3, 1999 F5 tornado but was not damaged (#BLESSED).
5. I went to seven different elementary schools.
6. I went to three different junior high schools.
7. My parents were not in the military.
8. I graduated high school in Rancho Cordova, CA.
9. I have one brother, one step-brother, two step-sisters.
10. I’m an extroverted introvert.
11. I would rather read POW stories than romance novels.
12. I graduated from United States Air Force Survival School and a Water Survival Course.
13. I used to love scary movies but now they…scare me.
14. Paranormal Activity the movie, was too scary to watch with the volume on…seriously try it, ( I didn’t sleep the whole night after watching it).
15. I love the movie Steel Magnolias, I named a dog Shelby after that character, but Ouiser was my favorite!
16. I love the movie Legends of the Fall. I came up with the name of our son, Samuel from that movie.
17. I have never watched Breaking Bad and don’t want to.
18. I love planting flowers.
19. I love organizing and decorating.
20. My husband says I move things around too much just so he can’t find them.
21. I love living in Colorado and never plan on leaving.
22. I am a lover of Christ and know that I can always do better.
23. David and I were married nine years before we had Samuel.

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