How to Take Charge of Your Photo Organizing Procrastination

Do you have boxes of old photo 35mm negatives that you don’t want to throw away because you’re not sure if you have all of the pictures? What about photo albums that are old, yellow and not acid free? Maybe you have even dug around and found some old 35mm slides. Would you like a solution to getting all of your media scanned onto a DVD as well as having an online gallery to share with family and friends?

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10 Essential Travel Items From The Container Store

The kids are back in school, the weather is getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter!  It’s fall people!  Yes that’s right, time to start breaking out the hoodies, hot chocolate, and pumpkin decorations!  We always make a point to road trip up to the mountains a few times during the fall to see the the wildlife and foliage.  If we are lucky and the grandparents are here we may even get a weekend trip!

This year however we are doing something a bit different for fall break and taking our six year old son on a Halloween Disney Cruise with the grandparents, then onto Disney World Orlando and Sea World Orlando each for one day.  So we get to travel by car, plane, by ship and monorail!  This will be our sons first trip out of the country as well.

10 Essential Travel Items From The Container Store

This got me thinking of how we can pack light for our cruise (you know how small those cruise cabins are). So I came up with a list from The Container Store of items I thought would be helpful for both our fall drives to the mountains and our fall break cruise this year.

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Prep For Fall : 9 Checklists To Get You Ready

I absolutely love fall! My love for this season may originate with my name, but it has only gotten stronger since moving to Colorado where there is a distinct visual and mental change of seasons. From the crispness of the air, the smell of pines and fireplaces, to the changing of the Aspen leaves in the mountains.  It is a magical time.

Of course with the changing of the seasons comes some preparation. We know that, “Winter Is Coming” (Sorry, Game of Thrones fan here). We have yards, homes, children, garages and kitchens to prep for school activities, the coming snow and of course football season!

So I’ve gathered some resources for you to go at your own pace.
If we want to get it all in before the cold and snow (and be able to take Sunday football breaks), we better get going. Here are my nine checklists to follow now:

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Top 20 Favorite IKEA Storage Products Under $15

How many of you have ever been to an IKEA store? It’s honestly like an amusement park for adults. At least if you like cool furniture, décor, and shopping! I had never been to IKEA until last year. That’s right 2013! I had never really lived close to one and I surely didn’t know that they had such affordable prices. I guess I lumped them in with the expensive furniture stores that annoy you as soon as you walk in like car dealerships. No offense to the hard working employees at those places. It’s just that IKEA has a whole different vibe. They literally give you a path to follow. They don’t disturb you and are there when you need help. They even have childcare for goodness sake! I actually took pictures and notes (yes, notes) while I was there. It’s overwhelming the first time so it’s fun to take pictures to remember what all you liked.

Here are my Top 20 (because I couldn’t stop at 10) favorite storage products under $15.00 at IKEA:

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Perfect Christmas Gift to Start the New Year Organized!

Perfect Christmas Gift to Start the New Year Organized!

*Post from 2015

I have had several calls this month from people who want to either hire me to organize their family or friends in January, or they want to give them an organizing gift card to use.  Either way I love the fact that January is the time of year people start talking about what they can do to get organized.  Everyone has good intentions at the beginning of the New Year.  There are a few things to consider when deciding to give the gift of  professional organizing.

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