10 Questions With Australian Professional Organizer Amanda Lecaude

Australian Professional Organizer Amanda Lecaude

I recently had the privilege of interviewing my dear sweet friend Amanda Lecaude, an Australian professional organizer. I met Amanda in early 2015 and since that time have gotten to know her and what an amazing person, mom, and inspiration in business she is! Take a minute to get to know and get inspiration from my friend Amanda.

Amanda is the owner of Organising You and is an Australian professional organizer. Organising You was founded in 2011 after a close friend suggested Amanda should use her natural organising and decluttering skills to assist others.  Since that time she has also founded Organising Students where they equip students with simple and effective organisational and time management skills crucial to their success and enjoyment of school and life. Amanda is an Expert Member (having completed over 750 hours of professional organising work) of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) and previously served on the Executive Committee as the Vice President for two years.

Australian Professional Organizer

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10 Questions Featuring Linda Samuels, CPO-CD, Immediate Past President of ICD

The first time I connected with Linda Samuels was online through her oh-so-thoughtful blog posts. She’s kind, caring, uber compassionate and is a leading inspiration for those helping to organize the world’s most chronically disorganized people. Linda spent the last two years as President of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). She has spent the last eight years as an ICD program mentor. I could go on an on about her volunteerism in ICD and the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

I finally met Linda at  NAPO Conference and it was just like greeting an old but new friend! She’s always warm and always smiling! So now I would love to introduce you to my friend Linda Samuels, CPO-CD, and Immediate Past President of ICD.

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Creating Your Weekly Email Marketing Plan Part 1: Do’s & Dont’s

Creating Your Weekly Email Marketing Plan Part 1: Do's & Dont's | http://smarthappyorganized.com | email marketing, marketing, what are the do's and dont's, getting started with weekly email marketing

I am convinced I need a a weekly email marketing plan and healthy and growing email list of loyal followers. In today’s online society this equivalent to word of mouth on the streets and much much more.

Your email audience, the people that have entrusted you with their name and email because they want to hear what you have to say, are a very big part of your business, and need to become your friends.

These are the people who will spread the word about your business and expertise, as well as buy your products from you. They should be treated with care and respect and not just pocketed away in “Subscriberland.” Which we are all probably guilty of doing. But maybe you just didn’t know what to do with your e mail list before so I’m here to tell you a few things I have learned and tested!

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My Organizing Clients: What They Say vs. What I See Part 2

My Organizing Clients: What They Say vs. What I See Part 2 | www.smarthappyorganized.com

Many times when we as professional organizer are working with clients we hear and see competing versions of the same story. Sometimes the clients have underlying issues, sometimes they have a hard time setting boundaries, and other times they may be covering for someone in their family. I find it interesting to to take a look at what I see vs. what they say. In case you missed it, this is Part 2 of my post, “My Organizing Clients: What They Say vs What I See, Part 1.”   Here are some real life examples from some of my past clients.

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My Organizing Clients: What They Say vs. What I See, Part 1

My Organizing Clients: What They Say vs. What I See, Part 1 | www.smarthappyorganized.com

*Previously posted in 2014, Updated 2016 | My Organizing Clients…

As a professional organizer when I am working with organizing clients I hear over and over again many of the same reasons why people just don’t want to let go of their belongings. The fact that people let piles build up around them in their homes really does affect their inner calm. That’s why so many people call me when they are at the end of their rope and completely overwhelmed. Here are eight popular reasons I hear why people hold onto their stuff:

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Marketing Your Professional Organizing Business: Online & Locally

Marketing Your Professional Organizing Business: Online & Locally | www.smarthappyorganized.com

While there is something to be said about speaking engagements and knocking on doors, marketing for new customers can be easier and less costly than in the past due to to the fact that three out of four people use smartphones, computers, or tablets to find local business.

Aside from social media there are several other ways for marketing your professional organizing business locally.

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Disorganized Clients’ Perspectives on Comfort

Disorganized Clients' Perspectives on Comfort | www.smarthappyorganized.com

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what being comfortable means and how it can mean so many different things to our disorganized clients. Two days before Christmas I decided to move a big storage armoire out of my office to use in the basement. My friend and I took everything out and set it on a utility table in front of my desk. My desk faces the french doors of my office so I can look into our living room. Except lately I can’t see due to the pile on the table in front of my desk.

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

TOP 10 SHO BLOG POSTS OF 2015 | AUTUMNLEOPOLD.COM | JOTzI6Vq(t3#V0J^ Business tips, business, branding, entrepreneurs, startup, solopreneur, mompreneur, biz, girlboss, ladyboss, ecourse, blog course, info product, freelance, marketing, instagram, pinterest, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, social media, email marketing, content marketing, blogging, b2b, productivity, business tools

Before I reveal the top 10 blog posts of 2015 I want to say a few words to you.

Wow! Today is it friends, the last day of 2015. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for subscribing to this blog, for participating in some wonderful conversations, and for your love and support on social media and of course in real life! When you start a journey like writing a blog, a book, or especially a course you want to teach, there are so many ups and downs and such a huge learning curve. So when you are able to end the year with your best numbers yet it really is something to be super thankful for and not take for granted! I won’t take it for granted I promise! I want to keep learning, teaching, inspiring and making friends smile in 2016! Now without further adieu, here are the Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015!

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Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2016?

Planapaloozah 2015 | www.smarthappyorganized.com

*Update: To receive the Early Bird special discount you must book by midnight tonight, Dec. 25, 2015.

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for all business owners out there to start planning how to have the most successful and productive 2016 possible.

Are you ready to commit and take your business to a new level in 2016?

If you are like I was this time last year, this means you are excited for the new year, ready for what is gonna come your way, and…have no idea how to create a business plan for the whole year. Seriously, I had no idea where to even start. I just wanted to get into people’s homes and help them organize and write awesome blog content for my readers. Planning how to get more clients, increase profits, review finances and create a budget, plan marketing, and publishing an editorial calendar, etc.etc. was not on my radar. However, I knew it needed to be done and I knew I needed help.

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Organizing Clients: How To Find More, Part 1

Organizing Clients: How To Find More, Part 1 || professional organizing, how to find professional organizing clients, professional organizer, becoming a professional organizer

How to get more clients or customers is an age old question if you are a salesperson or provide professional services. How to find organizing clients certainly is the biggest question in our industry.

My father was a salesman. The old fashioned kind that traveled to where you were to make the deal and sealed it with a handshake. He made his living this way for 30 years, and he was good at it. He could sell anything. That was his strong-suit.

For many of us selling ourselves is a bit harder.

I hear from so many new organizers who open the doors to their business, get their business cards, organize for a few friends and think the phone should be ringing with organizing clients. But as they soon find out that’s just not the case.

In today’s post I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve done to gain new organizing clients. I will also mention a few things that really haven’t worked for me but may work for you.

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