DIY Organizer Series: Back To School Pantry Organization

It’s that time of summer where I’m trying to get my kid to decompress from all of the late nights, fun swim days and yes, video games. It’s time for us to clean up and and prepare for back to school and activity filled days. Let’s start preparing the kitchen pantry since it might be a mess from having kids rummage through it all summer! It’s always good to get a jump start on getting snacks ready for school lunches. Let me show you my back to school pantry organization!

Pantry Organization

Back To School Pantry Organization

Gather What You Have On Hand

First, I gathered what snacks I had on hand and some I had just purchased with school in mind. I also grabbed a couple of storage baskets, shoe box bins and snap ware I had on hand. These are things I recommend you get if you don’t have them.

BSPantry3 Back To School Pantry OrganizationTake Items Out Of Packaging

I take everything out of their cardboard packaging. This is the #1 space saving secret to organizing a pantry! Then I start organizing items in the storage containers I had on hand.


Some things I know my son loves so I buy in bulk. Then I separate them into Snap-ware.

bspantry6 Back To School Pantry OrganizationBack To School Pantry OrganizationDivide Into Snack Sized Portions

I started doing this last year and it really saved us time in the mornings or the night before when we were preparing lunch for Sam. I can only imagine how helpful it would be to prep like this if you have a larger family.

I use snack bags to put the crackers in and usually go by the serving size plus a few to grow on. If my son brings the cracker snack bags home they get reused a few times before tossing.

Back To School Pantry OrganizationI did eight bags of each. Usually he will get one cracker bag, one cookie bag and then his main course, fruit/veggie and yogurt. I prepared some Ritz crackers, Crispy Sea Salt Crackers, popcorn and Graham crackers the same way.

Back To School Pantry OrganizationI highly recommend these crackers and this Gourmet Popcorn from Costco! My son loves them both! I try to vary what kinds of cracker snacks I serve.

Back To School Pantry OrganizationMost of the time we have fresh fruit but I do find these to be an easy substitution. I take the contents out of the the plastic serving bowl and put it in the Snap-ware to stick in his lunch. I store all of the plastic fruit bowls (out of the cardboard) in the storage basket to easily grab one.

Clean Up and Recycle

Back To School Pantry OrganizationIn his lunch I always include a wet wipe and some napkins.

Back To School Pantry OrganizationWe make sure to recycle all of the cardboard packaging. Sam loves to go to the recycle center with us.

Pantry Organization Reveal

Back To School Pantry OrganizationFinally, here’s what my pantry looks like ready for school! This all took about one hour and will save me three times as much during the first few weeks of school. When I start running low I can easily replenish and keep using the system. It also makes it easy to tell Sam he can grab a snack bag after school as well.

You may have noticed the Goldfish box…it’s still there because I ran out of snack bags. lol Trust me the cardboard will be purged soon enough. 🙂

I would love to hear how you get your pantry ready for ‘Back To School’!

Back To School Pantry Organization

14 Replies to “DIY Organizer Series: Back To School Pantry Organization”

  1. Wow, our school start times are so different! My kids don’t go back till 9/8,

    The pantry looks great, and you are going to save yourself so much time. I do some of what you do, but not as much in advance, because I use more containers and fewer baggies and they take up more space. Still, it really helps. I also always do as much as I can the night before. For some reason I’ve always hated packing lunches and snacks, and I found that attaching that desk to dinner prep made it feel less burdensome.

  2. Wow Autumn that is utterly amazing. Looks like you are truly ready to start the school year. A big congratulations to your little one. A very exciting time to start first grade. Great organizing tips. Think I’ll incorporate for my college son who commutes from home.

  3. Great post Autumn. I love the wet wipe idea. Really clever. I used to do snack bags and the kids told me that the snacks get a little stale. So I stopped. I went to the wholesale store in my area and I purchase healthier snacks (individually wrapped) in large quantities at the beginning of the month for the entire months. I tell the kids, when the snacks are done, that’s it for the month and to pass themselves. Thanks for sharing!

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