3 Lies I Keep Telling Myself About My Weight Loss and Fitness

I confess July has been a struggle for me for staying on my weight loss plan and staying in ketosis. The temptations while traveling are real! It’s no wonder our country is struggling with obesity when the ONLY thing you can eat in an airport shop if you are in keto is nuts. Even then that’s not the best choice. Of course, I found salads and carried my protein but it was eye-opening to see just how much crap we have as food choices every day. Now that I am home I have been struggling with getting back into ketosis and staying there. I have 20 pounds to go and I just want to get it done so I can enter a maintenance phase. But friends I am struggling with discipline right now. I want to admit the three lies I keep telling myself and see if you can relate!

1.) “I don’t need to track my food daily in My Fitness Pal because I know what I can and can’t eat to hit my macros.”
Clearly, this is just me being lazy and undisciplined and not wanting to write down and admit to the small cheats I have been doing that are keeping me out of ketosis.

2.) “I don’t need to get up early and get my workout in, I’ll have plenty of time later in the day.”
History has proven I NEVER get to my workouts if I don’t put them first. I love using my small home gym and Beachbody On Demand.

3.) “It’s okay if I have a little extra sugar in my diet, I mean I’ve lost 35 pounds”
No, it’s not okay. I have 20 pounds to lose. Do I want sugar now or that 20-pound weight loss later?

These are my big three lies I am struggling with right now. To defeat them I have to track food daily no matter what, put my workouts first thing in the morning, and just say no to sugar until I hit my goal!

I would love to hear what your big three are and how you’re working to defeat them.



PS If you are looking for a way to slim down this summer comment below and I would love to chat with you!

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