How to Store Travel Memorabilia and Souvenirs

Coming home from a vacation is always bitter sweet for me.  Most of the time I am actually ready to come home.  I do worry about my home, my pets, and my plants.  I also happen to love sleeping in my own bed.  Once I get home and walk in the door I feel awesome for a few hours if I am lucky, then the everyday to day stressors start to creep up on me again.  I have to think about my to do list, cleaning house, and of course the laundry.  One thing that I always put off and let pile up are all of the little travel brochures, maps and souvenirs we pick up on our trip.  Even though I know we can Google just about anything I still love bringing these items home.  Here are four ways I store travel memorabilia and souvenirs:

Travel Memorabilia

How to Store Travel Memorabilia and Souvenirs | Smart~Happy~Organized |One thing that I always put off and let pile up are all of the little travel brochures, maps and souvenirs we pick up on our trip. Even though I know we can Google just about anything I still love bringing these items home. Here are four ways I store these sweet mementos:First I gather up all I have collected and sort through the pile.  I get rid of anything that I don’t want to display or save.  That includes eating all of the candy we brought home!  Then I sort the papers into categories such as maps, brochures, memorabilia.

The memorabilia will be displayed in a scrapbook album.  I prefer the black leather 12×12 postbound memory book.Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.33.52 PMI used to get the album covers based on the event but then my collection sort of looked too spazzed out.  So I went back to basic black.

Next, I put the travel brochures and maps together in a photo storage box.  You can buy these online of at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s from $6.99 to $3.99 on sale. I group brochures according to location or trip and simply hold them together with a rubber band. You can label the front of the group with a Post-It note. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.35.39 PM

If you don’t have a photo box you can use a gallon Ziploc storage bag.  This is another way to separate trips within your storage bins.  Just make sure to label your bags.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.36.49 PM

If you have souvenirs that are big and bulky you can use a photo storage box or you can also use a clear storage bin for these items. These can be stacked or placed inside a larger bin for safe-keeping.

book 4

My biggest piece of advice is get these items stored right away or they can quickly get disorganized and become clutter.

Do you keep travel memorabilia and souvenirs?  Or are you just Googling everything now days?

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14 Replies to “How to Store Travel Memorabilia and Souvenirs”

  1. Love the idea of an album! I don’t buy or keep souvenirs anymore, but we do buy a fridge magnet for each different place we travel to. I like this for two reasons: (1) we see it all the time, and (2) it keeps it manageable. Magnets are small and don’t take up much space. We found that we never went back and looked at all the other things we were bringing home…
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  2. Love this! I agree, there is so much to keep but where to keep it. I have started taking photos of the front of brochure or playbill. I add it to my picture book so we have a little keepsake, but not the paper itself. I typically make a digital scrapbook of photos from the trip and add that in.

  3. I have kept so many items and photos from our travels, vacations, birthday and Christmas cards, etc., they became clutter. Someone made a nice comment about all the storage these items produce over the years. I try to keep in mind that instead of saving these things…….the memories remain in the heart and not in a box or album tucked away. Now it’s time to organize and let things go. This is a task that is overwhelming. Too many years, too many keepsakes.

  4. I don’t tend to bring home a lot of souvenirs, but on the other hand, I don’t travel much. I did once have an organizing client who really could have used this advice. She had bags and bags of stuff from so many trips it was crazy! I don’t even remember what we ended up doing with them as it was just one issue in a room that was so cluttered I was shocked to discover there was a desk in there.
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