37 Top Professional Organizing Tools

When I was just starting out as a professional organizer one of the things I was most excited about were all of the organizing tools we get to use. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for many different situations I may face going to client’s homes. I started researching other professional organizers websites to see what they had in their tool kits. I took my first NAPO (The National Association of Professional Organizers) class and the instructor was my friend, coach, and mentorย  Geralin Thomas who gave us an amazing list to start with. But our tool kits are just as individual as we are. We learn what we love to use and that’s what we recommend to our clients.

One thing I had to be realistic about was my budget as a new organizer. I set aside $100 to go and get myself set up with my first tool kit. I really found everything I needed. It was only later after working with many different clients did I have to buy more specific products for different situations.

If you are a new organizer I hope the list below gives you an idea of what you may want to have in your toolkit. Remember to prioritize and think of the general things you might need for your first few clients based on what kind of organizing you will be doing. Then I challenge you to go out and get yourself set up for $100. I will say I already had a Thirty One bag to use and that was probably another $50.

I’ve provided a picture, a link, and my thought below each item for you.

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Organizing Tools

I always have a notebook, my laptop and my phone. It’s great for looking things up, taking notes and measurements, and before and after photos. I also keep extra storage tubs on hand as well. Most are discards from former clients that I can use with the next client if necessary.

Also, if I’m doing more office organizing/filing I take plain file folders and paperclips or binder clips for temporary sorting, pencilsย  for temporary labeling.


Hefty Trash Bags: Kitchen bags and Black bags.

Gallon, quart and sandwich sized Ziploc bags.

I always keep an assorted size of Ziploc bags.

Ziploc Big Bags

I love these Ziploc big bags for sets of things as well as storage where it may be dusty.

Ziploc Flexible Totes

These flexible totes are amazing for storing pillows, blankets, sweaters, etc.

Clear plastic shoebox bins & Sterilite 8.5โ€ x 11โ€ Colored Containers

I use these for so many things! Small toys, office supplies, collections shoes, bathroom storage. I love having them on hand in case a clients needs them I can show what I am talking about.

Magazine Holders

I love the cardboard magazine holders. I usually find mine in the $1 Spot at Target but I love IKEA’s as well.

Electronic Components Plastic Buttoned Case Storage Box (store batteries)

I use these plastic boxes (which you can also get at sporting good stores in the fishing section) for batteries, office supplies, jewelry, pens and markers and so much more.

37 Top Professional Organizing Tools | |When I was just starting out as a professional organizer one of the things I was most excited about were all of the organizing tools we get to use. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for many different situations I may face going to client's homes. I started researching other professional organizers websites to see what they had in their tool kits.

Office/Command Center

White, 1.5 inch Binders

I love using binders to organize. We have a family binder, a school binder, holiday plan binders, etc.

Colored Binder Clips

Love for cord organization and paper sorting.

Rolling File Cart

I have a small file cabinet and this at my own home. I have recommended this to clients who may pay bills or do work in a different area of their home than an office.

Particle Board Clipboards

I had a client who love using clipboards for different projects. Now I do the same thing! I love them for displaying kids artwork as well.

Lined Jumbo Post It Notes

I love making Daily To-Do Lists on these! Or giving client’s their homework.

Colored Small Post It Notes

Great for sorting.

Black Sharpies

Great for labeling!

Paper Mate Flair Markers

Great for color coded calendars.

Ball Point Pens

Great for color coded calendars.

Yellow Sharpie Highlighters

Sometimes I print and discuss articles with my clients and I highlight notes. Great for sorting office paperwork.

White Out Tape

Great for keeping calendars clean.

Photo Organization

Photo Storage Boxes

I uses these types of boxes for photos, old cards and keepsakes, and DVD’s.

Photo Organizer Case

This is my favorite photo organizing case. They also have them half this size and I love those as well.

12X12 Black Leather scrapbooks

When I do display photos I love to display them in this style of scrapbook. That way I can put notes or headings if I want.

Photo Mounting Squares

I love these acid free photo mounting squares. They also have repositionable one’s.

Auto Mounts Dispenser

Nifty little photo mount dispenser is a time saver.


Box Cutter

Mus Have!

Colored Duct Tape

Love this for sorting and color coding.

Scotch Masking Tape

Great for temporary labeling.

Colored Key Covers

My clients love these!

Tool Kit

Must Have! Make sure it has a measuring tape and scissors.

Furniture Sliders

Must Have!

Label Maker

Must Have! Clients love!


You can buy so many different labels but I try to keep these standard one’s on hand.

Dust Mask

This is for regular household dust. If you are working in a rodent or hoarding situation you will need a stronger mask.

Latex Rubber Gloves

**Do not get if you have a LATEX ALLERGY**

Must have! I like the lightly powdered kind so my hands don’t get so sweaty.

Work Gloves

Must have and keep them clean.

Hand sanitizer

I keep one in my car and one in my tool kit.

Wet Wipes

I keep some in my car and some in my tool kit.

I also recommend a Small First Aid Kit.

Shop Towels

Always have your own rags ready. Multi-purpose cleaner is a good idea too.

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I hope this post gives you some great ideas for your new organizing journey! If you have any organizing tools you would like to share or that I may have forgotten please let me know in the comments!










37 Replies to “37 Top Professional Organizing Tools”

  1. Here’s a true confession for you Autumn – – anytime I visit another professional organizer’s home, I ask if I can snoop around in their tool kit, office and closet. I love seeing other peoples systems and “must-haves” It’s always interesting seeing how others organize their gear too.

    Consider yourself warned, if I’m in your neck of the woods, I’m going to ask for a tour ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the bigger post-it notes and use different colors for different lists. For my clients, it’s an easy way to see what needs to be done and they’re large enough to have just one post-it note. No more messing around with 5 small ones.

  3. Great list of stuff! I have to say if you buy plastic gloves, make sure they are the thicker type. The thin ones easily rip.

    I also print out my own color coded signs for sorting. Over the years, i developed tendent issues in my arms so it’s easier if I only have to write one word instead of phrases.
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…Vanity Organization RevisitedMy Profile

  4. Great list, Autumn! I especially like clipboards from Dollar Tree. They are slightly smaller and fit sideways in a plastic file tote. The clip is low-profile.
    I have seen children’s artwork cleverly displayed on a row of clipboards. I also use every size of zip bag available!! Thanks for sharing these ideas on P.O.B.C.

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