Pinterest Scheduling Tool: My New Favorite Thing

One of my goals for 2016 was to sit down and research some of the tools I could use to help me work smarter not harder. Because frankly friends I am tired of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast! I want to see results and I am betting you do too! So I want to share my new tool I’m using to to help drive traffic from my Pinterest Business Account to my blog. It is a Pinterest Scheduling tool called Board Booster.

Pinterest Scheduling Tool: My New Favorite Thing |www.smarthappyorganized.comI’d read about this tool a lot last year but at that point didn’t think I had time to research it (not true it takes about 15 minutes to figure out) and I thought I was doing a great job on Pinterest on my own (not enough to keep up with the big girls). So let me break down this tool for you!

Pinterest  Scheduling  Tool:

Board Booster

Pinterest Scheduling Tool: My New Favorite Thing |www.smarthappyorganized.comBoard Booster can be used to schedule pins, improve your pin quality, clean up your boards, grow your audience, help you better host your group boards, and also learn what your best performing boards are and what the best time to pin is.

Board Booster includes:

Maintenance Tools

Pin Doctor:

Test pins on your board

Identify nine common problems like broken links or duplicate pins, and helps you fix them.

Costs a penny per pin

Order a test for just a few boards (the board with your blog posts) an limit test to most recent pins.

Pin Mover:

Helps you split or clean up large boards

Finds pins that match your criteria and moves them to the board you specify

1st order free

Following orders a penny a pin

Group Manager:

Tool for owners of collaborative boards

Monitors all pins added by contributors and identifies best contributors and rule breakers

Pinterest Scheduling Tool: My New Favorite Thing |www.smarthappyorganized.comPinning Tools


Random: pulls pins from source you choose and repins them to any number of group      boards.


Takes pins from one secret board and repins them to multiple boards according to your schedule.


Helps you revive older pins you created before you gained your current amount of followers.


Pinning History

Board Performance

Best Time to Pin

Follower Growth

There you have it a complete overview! Board Booster like having a housekeeping staff for Pinterest and I can’t wait to see big results from this! Let’s talk a second about pricing.

Pinterest Scheduling Tool: My New Favorite Thing |

Pricing for Board Booster is amazing because it really has something for all levels. You can start out free but you are limited to only 100 pins/per month. If you are really looking to drive traffic you could at least start with the $5.00/per month plan which gives you 500 pins/per month. You can always go up from there or if you are a huge pinner they even have high volume plans. You really can’t beat these prices for all of the tools you are getting and it’s SO SIMPLE!

Referral Bonus:

Did I mention they have a referral program where they give you a link and for each person that signs up to become a paying customer you get a $5.00 credit? So that could basically pay for your monthly costs and more. Such a cool idea!

Double Bonus:

If you absolutely have no idea where to start with Board Booster they have a concierge service available to help you set up Board Booster and train you on how to use it.

Pinterest Scheduling Tool: My New Favorite Thing |www.smarthappyorganized.comI hope that all of you who are looking to work smarter not harder check out this Pinterest scheduling tool and add it to your 2016 Breakout Blog Growth Strategy Toolkit! I’ll be adding more to mine and sharing it all with you!

Happy Pinning and Happy Blogging!

  • This blog post contains affiliate links for which I may make a small commission if you purchase through the link. Thank you for supporting my business in this way.

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  1. I love this thorough review. I used it some years ago but didn’t care for the layout. So I used Hootsuite Pro for clients and myself. This year, with your suggestions, I bought a year of Viraltag. I really like the way you can customize each duplicated post separately so I can really modify for each SM visitor group. 🙂 I have been about to add it the queue and it doesn’t just add it for the day, it places the posts on additional days as well.
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…10 Social Media Terms Every Small Business Should KnowMy Profile

  2. Great outline/review of Board Booster! I have Pinterest on my list of social networks to focus on. It’s already the 3rd traffic driver on my site and I’m embarrassed to say that’s with very little effort (though I’ve had extensive experience on the business side of Pinterest). One post is driving income too, so I see the potential. I just need to find time and get on it.

    Blog on
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  3. Such a nice post! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried It’s the user-friendly tool for scheduling your pin on Pinterest. In addition, it allows calendar so that you can easily plan and visualize your social media strategies as well as you can drag, drop and edit post easily within the calendar.
    Hope this helps!

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