LinkedIn: Best Practices to Rock Your Profile

Admittedly, when I first started on LinkedIn I didn’t know what I was doing. So my first step was finding people in my industry to see what they were doing and emulate them.

I did that to the best of my ability and my connections started growing. I took a class on LinkedIn at a conference, and I also hired a LinkedIn best practices expert to go over my profile with me.

Once I got my profile just right my next step was to build a a group where we could post our blogs and share like and comment on each others blogs. I kept it relatively small so we could support each other and get to know each other.

This LinkedIn group was the first way I really began to see growth in my blog traffic. Once I realized groups were the key I then created a Facebook group to do the same thing as well as join several blog promotion groups.

LinkedIn Best Practices

You have to be careful not to spam the group as participation is very important. You want to build up trust and credibility. Especially if you want to gain clients or are looking to be hired in that industry.

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I also find some incredible content to share with my groups.

Another valuable resource to take advantage of is when LinkedIn offers you to being publishing you should take advantage of it. This allows you to get your brand in front of many more industry leaders and influencers.

Finally, the more active you are the more you will be seen. Figure out if that is where your audience is and if so, use it as one of your main platforms. Many people get great leads and clients from LinkedIn, but you have to put the time and work in.

Here are a few of my favorite tools:

How to search on LinkedIn

How to Use LinkedIn: 35 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing

For more specific steps you can take to maximize your profile please grab your copy of my free guide below.

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