I Probably Shouldn’t Be Telling You This But…

I have black holes and time sucks just like everyone else.  I know I am supposed to be somewhat of an expert since I am a professional organizer and all.  However, just because I know how to tell you how you should be managing your time, doesn’t mean I am perfect at it when it comes to certain aspects of my own time.  We all have our own struggles.  I thought I would confess and share a few of my “time sucks” and see if they were similar to yours.

1.) Working on the computer- I’m not even talking about social media.  I’m talking about blogging, brainstorming, reading blogs, articles, and researching ideas.  Part of this may not be considered a time suck because it involves work but I will admit I can stray from the subject and start reading about things I am not researching (like the latest entertainment gossip) and before long I have wasted an hour without getting any work done.

What are the things that suck your time away? | Smart~Happy~Organized

2.)Social Media- Here it is…the universal time suck.  I’ve gotten much better about Facebook.  I check a few pages, do my post, like a few things and I’m off.  However, Pinterest and Google + are a different story!  There is so much good content on both that I do have to reserve an hour for it because I know I will be on a tangent again.  However, it makes me happy!

What are the things that suck your time away? | Smart~Happy~Organized

3.) Calling vs Texting- I hate to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of texting at first and much preferred phone calls.  But now I really see how much time is saved if you have a simple question and can just text instead of call.  I don’t like long conversational texts though.  I feel like they are impersonal and a lot is lost in translation like tone and sarcasm.

4.) Thinking- I know this sounds weird but when I have to sit down and think about things I usually get interrupted and distracted (did I mention I have a dog, two cats and a six year old?).  So I have to allow more time for thinking.  Sometimes I need to think about what to cook, or a blog I want to write, or what activities we have coming up.  I just need time to make a mental plan.  However, with distractions and interruptions I usually end up wasting my thinking time.  So that’s why it’s on the time suck list.  I think I need to set some boundaries here. 🙂

5.) Long Phone Calls- Jeez, long phone calls really get under my skin sometimes.  You really have to be in the right mood at the right time for one of these calls.  Yet inevitably someone (I won’t say names) will call at the wrong time, when I am rushed, or not in the mood and they’ll want to settle into a nice long conversation.  Then it’s sort of a process in how you have to get them off of the phone without hurting their feelings which wastes more time.  However, if I am in the mood, have some time and a glass of wine I can talk with the best of them!

What are the things that suck your time away? | Smart~Happy~Organized

6.) Clearing Clutter- I have a six year old and six year olds love clutter.  I mean they really love to dump something out, leave it and move on to the next mess.  This is hard for me because I love to start the day with everything in its’ place.  I used to spend the first 30 minutes in the morning picking up all of my sons piles.  Knowing full well he will make the same piles again later that day.  Notice I said used to.  I got smart and decided that through the week the piles can stay and he can play with them over and over.  We (he helps) clean them on the weekend or at the end of the week and start the new week fresh and clean.

What are the things that suck your time away? | Smart~Happy~Organized

7.) Pets- Have you ever noticed how much time pets can take out of your day?  Between the feeding, grooming, chasing, walking, cleaning up messes and just generally hanging out, pets can take up at least an hour or more each day.  I love my pets and they are great but somedays I have to admit they all get thrown into the backyard so I can get some work done.

What are the things that suck your time away? | Smart~Happy~Organized

8.) TV Shows- Over the years I have had a few TV shows I just won’t miss.  I used to have a lot more before I had a child.  I’m not going to actually admit how many I have but I will say one is ending so I will have one less at the end of the season.

What are the things that suck your time away? | Smart~Happy~Organized

These were my eight biggest time sucks.  I hope you enjoy knowing professional organizers are human too.  We have to set boundaries, timers and limits just like our clients.

What are some of your time sucks?  I would love to hear about them.



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