DIY Organizer Series: My Organized Laundry Room…Finally

DIY Organizer Series: Lesson 12

Wow! I can’t believe I finally finished and have an organized laundry room! This was one of those projects that stayed about half done for four months. I just couldn’t find the time to finish it until last weekend.  I emptied the laundry room closet and laid all of the stuff in the foyer where it stayed for about two months.

Have you ever started a project which just left things a mess? Well I’m here today to finally show you the results of my long over due work and give you some tips on how to get it done smarter and faster (thanks to my lessons learned). Check out my organized laundry room.

I’ve been fretting over an organized laundry room for some time now. For those of you who may not remember I did a coat closet cleanout project and a laundry cabinet organizing project that all were directly related to this project.  Also who can forget the charming video of my husband putting the IKEA Kallax shelf together for the laundry room while our dog was wanting to play.

Let me show you a couple of before pictures of the room so I can tell you what wasn’t working.

laundrymesslaundry5 copyWhen we first moved in I loved the idea of the bench with the cubbies for shoes. I envisioned my son sitting on the bench every morning putting his shoes on for school. I also liked the look of the matching wall shelf with cubbies for hats, gloves, or summer supplies and hooks for hanging coats. This seemed to work for awhile except the cubbies weren’t really big enough for many shoes and we ended up literally tossing the shoes inside. The top of the bench became a drop zone when we we working on projects and my son never sat on it to put his shoes on. The same thing happened to the top of the hanging shelf. I just started tossing stuff up there I didn’t have a place for. It just looked like one big mess especially with all of the coats (this is pre-coat closet clean-out).

This is when I knew I had to get a KALLAX from IKEA. I chose the white one with 12 cubbies. I bought four KNIPSA baskets and two-three packs of SKUBB boxes.

I knew the baskets would be perfect for storing our shoes on the bottom and the boxes would hid all of our other laundry items and make the shelves look more uniform.

Here is the result:

laundry1It really stream-lined the whole room, made it easier to walk through, and made it brighter. I haven’t moved or changed the decor yet but hopefully I will soon.

laundry3The SKUBB boxes worked out so well I will pick up another three pack on my next trip to IKEA in Denver. For now I am using the green labeled boxes for our personal items. Instead of labeling the black boxes I want to use my label maker and stick labels to the face of the bottom of each shelf, also a future project. For now the black boxes contain extra junk rags, towels, swimming gear, recyclable grocery bags, sunscreen, and other sports gear. In the winter this will switch to winter and ski gear. I also have an cubby for  for extra TP, paper towels, and the small brown basket has hand towels in it for the guest bath right outside the laundry door.

Where did all of this stuff come from?

Good questions! Most of it was all part of the mess I took out of the laundry closet which looked like this:

laundrymess2The shelf was a good idea just not wide enough to maximize the space. Also, I like being able to hang clothes out of the dryer or sometimes this is where I hang clothes I want to take to the consignment store. I knew I was on the right track but this wasn’t working.

This is what it looks like after my re-do:

laundry5I bought a shorter, wider shelf and purged. Plus, now that I have the Kallax I can make items we use more often more accessible.

laundry6I cleaned out my junk door (which I still love for items we commonly use) and saved plenty of room to hang clothes if necessary.

laundry4I love the hanger on the back of the door for hanging laundry or drying cleaning Norwex rags. Sam has his little jacket hooks as well.

IMG_4960If you have a place to hang your ironing board that can be a great space saver. I found this little basket a Lowe’s for the iron, my stain remover and dryer sheets.

laundry2One of the absolute hardest areas to keep clutter free is the top of the washer and dryer because it’s the first flat surface you see when you come in from the garage. I usually store laundry baskets on top and the detergent.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and the loads of stuff I was able to purge. This room is an endless process due to it’s multi-functionality. The best thing I can do and that you can do in a similar situation is just keep fine tuning the system you have put in place.

Time to get smart, happy and organized!

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