5 Reasons People Can’t Stay Clutter Free: Too Many Commitments

Here is the second reason I believe people can’t stay clutter free. I’m going to post one of these a day so maybe after you read each one you can evaluate yourself and your home to see if any of these relate to you.

5 Reasons People Can't Stay Clutter Free Too Many Commitments

  • Once you have sorted, purged, and reclaimed the space you want you can’t ignore it. You have to work to maintain the space the way you want it.  Use systems including timers, checklists, and other tips and ideas you may have learned from your research or time working with a professional organizer. If you start slacking the clutter will creep in. Take this as seriously as you would your job out of the home. This is your job in the home. You need a set and scheduled time for this organizing maintenance. Too many people don’t do this even after they pay professional organizers to tell them they have to! You have to take some of your other less important commitments of of you plate. Prioritize and delegate things on your to do list to make time for organizing. If you are running yourself ragged committing to things that don’t give you enough time to maintain your organizing systems you’ve worked so hard on and invested time and money to achieve then you will not remain clutter free.

5 Reasons People Can't Stay Clutter Free

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6 Replies to “5 Reasons People Can’t Stay Clutter Free: Too Many Commitments”

  1. Great post Autumn! It true that many people use the stash and dash method. They are running between commitments and don’t have enough white space to do the organizing in between. It causes disorganization and loads of stress. Try to schedule time if you are time crunched to get organizing done. You can write it in your planner to commit to your organizing time.

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